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LAB Productions will design emails or your company newsletter using a design that fits your corporate identity and the design of your website so that when your customer receives your message via email, they know it is from you.

No need to use boxy email templates that are not recognized by your customers and prospects. Email communications and newsletters should fit a standard theme so you are easily recognized. Research shows that a user decides within seconds whether to keep that message and continue reading it or delete it.

Make it successful so that your message won't get deleted and they know it is from your company. Use a design theme that looks professional and is consistent.

Inline CSS is used and email or newsletters should be conscious of file size, image downloads, download file type, popups or plug-ins required. A message should be concise and use images that are not large in size. Avoid attachments and instead use links linking to your corporate website so they have an option to download.

With the latest technology and smartphones, most messages that are too long in file size or length are not fully displayed. Use your space wisely. Also be advised on how to avoid getting your message caught up in spam blockers.

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