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Design your Website for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Devices

Whether you need a website for you business, have a current website that needs revision or a site that doesn't look right on mobile or tablet devices, LAB Productions is here to help. We will create your company's website from initial concept to final design. Final files are uploaded via ftp to your host server for viewing. Web Design concepts start with 3 or 4 layouts based on competitive/example sites, colors requested or a design that the owner/client suggests. Once a homepage design is chosen, then subtemplates can be applied and a frame and sitemap built. All sites are designed for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Web design can entail:

  1. A simple 10 page or less Site
  2. Large Site which uses templates, library items or includes
  3. eCommerce Site
  4. Blog Site
  5. Content Management Site.

Some recent website designs:

  • Fox River Grove Library
  • KayaSol Surf Hotel
  • Nationwide Insurance Cary IL
  • Palmers Garage Door Repair
  • TTW Catering
  • Old World Coin
  • Leo Pontano Inc.
  • Foxmoor Crossing
  • American Legion 119
  • Old World Gem and Jewelry
  • Stone Hill Center
Fox River Grove Library1 KayaSol Surf Hotel2 Nationwide Insurance Cary IL3 Palmers Garage Door Repair4 TTW Catering5 Old World Coin6 Leo Pontano Inc.7 Foxmoor Crossing8 American Legion 1199 Old World Gem and Jewelry10 Stone Hill Center11

When a company's site is designed, search engine optimization is implemented to ensure the new website shows up in an organic/natural search for Google and other major search engines. See SEO page.

Analytical tools are also used to get feedback on the demographics of users on your site. Track your customers through your website! A report is created that tracks where your visitor's go on your website, length of time visited, top pages visited, broken links, etc.

Website files are then uploaded and the client gets a CD backup of all files. Redesign of the homepage and template are recommended every 1 to 2 years to refresh the website's design. For a quote on your next web design project, contact us.